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Who is Fiona?

I’ve been an occasional freelance science writer for many (25+) years, mostly as a side gig to my career as a scientist. I’ve got a pretty broad knowledge of industrially relevant soft structured materials, foods, personal and home care products, polymers, nano and advanced materials.

Here is my portfolio on mudrack

Here I am in Chemistry World

I’m currently working towards a certificate in Content Marketing at UCSD.

I’ve taught students and adults as a chemistry lecturer at the University of Vermont, and as a lecturer for American Chemistry Society (ACS) and Nano Science and Technology Institute (NSTI) short courses.

I spent many years researching the properties and behaviors of industrially relevant materials – mostly using computer simulation techniques. As one of the early employees at Biosym, a San Diego startup, I helped create and support the Molecular Simulations Materials Studio (now Dassault Systemes). I was a researcher at Colgate Palmolive, a contractor for Procter & Gamble, and got involved in the genesis of Culgi (now Seimens).

I coordinated 40+ symposia in advanced materials and cleantech and sustainable technologies as Technical Program Chair for the annual TechConnect World Innovation Conference and for the annual Nanotech conferences for 15+ years. What an awesome opportunity to connect with the latest industrially relevant research!

I’ve also edited or contributed chapters to books:

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